About Bungee Uganda

Bungee Jumping in Uganda

Welcome to Bungee Uganda, Located in Jinja along the mighty river Nile

Bungee Uganda is a Fun Filled Activity center located in Jinja along the mighty river Nile.

Bungee Uganda offers the leading professional services in activities like Bungee jumping, Quad Biking, Camping at its Best, White Water Tubing, Flat water tubing, Extreme tubing, White water Rafting, Horse Riding, and exquisite dining. 

It consists of a serene dining location that offers Bungee restaurant and Bungee bar Facilities with wide spectacular views of the Nile. We have well trained staff who will ensure clients have the most fun & adrenaline while keeping you alive and smiling.

People tubing in the Nile at Bungee Uganda
Girls having fun while Quad biking in Bungee Uganda
Tents set up for camping in the grounds of Bungee Uganda

Tailormade Just For You

Bungee Jump
off the famous
Uganda Tower.

Bungee Jump off the famous Uganda Tower is and Experience the 44 meters of free-fall and 4 seconds of pure adrenalin! If the sheer excitement of a bungee is not enough, this must be the most beautiful bungee on the planet.

What do I need?

You must be at least 35 kgs and above for the bungee jump.

If bungee is not your cup of tea, just come and watch, cheer on your friends while enjoying your favorite drink facing the mighty river Nile or feel the buzz of adrenaline in the air.

Great People. Amazing Tours. Fun Activities.

What Bungee Uganda Provides

We provide adventurous outdoor activities. 

Book and experience bungee jumping like never before, quad biking, camping at its best, tubing and kayaking in the Nile river, and exquisite dining, in the restaurant & bar.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is an adrenaline raising activities in Jinja.

Quad Biking

Drive-yourself on adventure and sightseeing safaris.

Tubing the Nile

The activity of sitting on an air filled pressured tube as it floats on River Nile

White water rafting

Outdoor activity usually done using an inflatable raft to navigate the white water

Horse Riding

Enjoy a unique, stunning views on a ride through Jinja along the banks of the Nile.

Bungee Campsite

Camping is an out-door activity involving overnight stays home away from home.

Teamwork and Passion

We bring our individual expertise, creativity and passion for our industry as Bungee Uganda.

Continuous Improvement

We are innovative and utilize best practices to continually improve our management techniques and the quality of our products and service

Exceptional Service

We understand that the value can be created with every encounter and this is reflected in our superior standard of service